Shower Remodeling – Save Time and Money With These Ideas

You can remodel your bathroom, but a full-scale renovation is probably not in your immediate plans. If you’re looking for a simpler fix, you can always opt to go with a simple shower remodel in Portland. You don’t have to tear everything out and start from scratch, just add a few pieces here and there to turn your old tub into a luxurious master bathroom!

Shower Remodeling


When it comes to Portland Shower Remodeling, you need to keep in mind the type of tiles you have on the floor. It may be that you have marble tiles, but you can also use ceramic tiles to make the space more beautiful. Tile replacement isn’t cheap, so it’s a good idea to consider the amount of money you have to spend on a full remodel of this area. With the right tiles, you can really make this room shine!


A full Portland Shower Remodeling involves more than just installing new tiles around the bathtub. Instead, you also have to consider flooring, showerheads, screens, and more. Some people opt for just a basic screen, others opt for a spa-like shower head, while others may want both. You can purchase ready-made or custom-made shower curtains in Portland if you don’t want to buy the materials yourself. You can choose everything from the color to the size and shape of the shower curtain.


If you want to turn your master bathroom into a second level of luxury, you can also look into Portland home remodeling that will allow you to install a second level of showering in your home. There are two main options for this type of remodeling, and it depends on whether you want to convert the tub into a soaking tub, or just a shower. With either option, you can install new flooring in the second level of your home and install a new tub, either with or without a shower attachment. The only other thing that you need to consider is whether or not your home has adequate space for installing both the tub and shower and turning your bathtub into a second level of relaxation.


Another thing that you can do to transform your bathroom to make it a second level is by replacing your bathtub and shower fixtures, as well as replacing some of the drywall. This is especially useful if you don’t have enough money to install custom-made drywall, or if your existing drywall is more than a few years old. With older drywall, you can easily find ideas for remodeling your bathtub and shower fixtures from several sources. There are magazines, books, and websites that focus on bathroom design, and they have plenty of different ideas for transforming your bathtub and shower fixtures.


If you have a leaky bathtub, you can try a waterproofing system. This will prevent water from leaking onto your floor, which will damage your floor. In order to waterproof your bathtub, you will have to replace the bathtub pan, as well as the pipes beneath the pan, and waterproof the entire area of the floor. Once the floor is protected, you can replace your bathtub with a new one, or add on a shower pan, depending upon your needs. Remodeling your bathroom doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming. Instead, spend just a couple of hours deciding what kind of changes you would like to make, and then take action!