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Types of Digital Printing

RiverCity Print & Imaging, a full service digital printing company dedicated to giving clients a range of custom printing products at a low price and excellent service with every project. You can trust us to provide you with fast, professional service with every order and attention to detail with every product we are ready to work with. Our motto is “ibles – Always Printable!” This is true, whether you are printing a standard size banner, custom signs and banner, business cards or posters.

For business card printing, a graphic designer creates the layout using computer programs like Illustrator, Photoshop or CorelDraw. The color scheme and overall look of the final project is usually finalized using advanced graphics software. The printing company then takes an ordered digital file of the business cards and inserts it into a press in much the same way that traditional binders are pressed. After the printing process is complete, the client receives a CD copy of the business cards with printed adhesive side and a foam backing with the company’s logo and information printed on it. Depending on the printing services chosen, the client can also receive a certificate of authenticity with each card.

Digital printing companies in Little Rock use dye sublimation to reproduce colors and create the color images on a surface called substrate. In the past, ink jet printers were used to reproduce colors, but the required heat to transfer the colors resulted in the fade of colors or smudging of images. Substrates are made from polyester fibers that are woven together with plastic channels. Substrate colors are solid colors produced by a dyes process using pigments soaked in a carrier solution. These colors are usually printed onto textured paper or photo paper stock.

Digital printing in Little Rock includes both single-sided and two-sided spot color printing on mediums such as matte, glossy, foil, and glossy materials. Single-sided spot color printing is done on a paper while two-sided spot color printing is done on thicker materials, usually paper. There is a third method for digital printing in Little Rock, which is known as bindery printing. This process produces bindery products such as booklets, brochures, manuals, flyers, greeting cards, newsletters, and thank you notes.

The process of two-color printing is more labor-intensive than digital printing because it requires several passes over the top layers of color image to create the final image. Two-color digital printing is most commonly used to print photos and small illustrations. It is also used to reproduce large-scale artwork and greeting cards. Most companies in Little Rock use this method to produce everything from business cards to postage stamps.

The most popular digital printing method in Little Rock is undoubtedly dye sublimation printing, also known as dot matrix digital printing. With digital printing, the image is printed in layers using a special coating that gives the image its vivid, rainbow-like color. The image is projected using an optic fiber into the appropriate areas with the coating. A special device transfers the image from the ink pad or press to paper. This process is much less expensive than conventional printing and is perfect for low-volume jobs. For more details on digital printing visit